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Olga Äär

Veebisündmuste haldus, praktikute programm ja klienditugi kuni Regina puhkab

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Regina Maajärv

Customer support

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Kristi Sipra

Customer relations and event organization

The journey has given me a deep understanding of human behavior and patterns. I have realized that we bring certain situations, types of people and experiences into our lives until we have learned the necessary lessons and solved the problems. I have undergone major changes and healings myself and released the burdens of the past, patterns, beliefs and oaths that no longer serve me. Now, I find it easier to find pure love within myself, and in this spirit of peace, I am able to take a much healthier view of the difficult situations around me. All this thanks to the Journey method.

All of us are afflicted by similar negative emotions - jealousy, anger, insult. Supporting each other makes it easier to overcome these ego-based feelings. I will be happy to share my thoughts, experiences and knowledge with you and listen to you. Write to me, ask for advice and share your thoughts.


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