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[Online!] Boston Celtics vs. New York Knicks live stream 09/10/2023

The Boston Celtics and New York Knicks are two of the most fun teams to watch in the NBA, and it is always a pleasure when the two match up. Exciting action ...

Just a rough couple of minutes on a number of levels. – 9:54 PM Randle looks as good as last year, but the additions of Evan and Kemba and maybe most important, development of Obi, has a much different feel around him. – 9:53 PM Obi Toppin now has a new career high of 14 points after that fast break layup. All but one of those points have come in the second half. – 9:51 PM Thibs closing with the Randle-Toppin frontcourt, which means those two could play about 15 minutes together tonight. They played only 39 together for ALL of last season. Quite the opening-night change. 18 assists for the C’s so far. Schröder leads w/4, Brown/Smart/Grant have 3 each. Ball is moving. – 9:11 PM No one wants to hear it, but Grant Williams has been good for Boston tonight. Nothing amazing, but he’s played his role as a screener, ball-mover and cutter well so far. – 9:09 PM Jayson Tatum, after missing 7 straight 3s to open the game, finally knocks one down here early in the third to open back up a 67-58 lead for the Celtics. – 9:09 PM BOS 58 – NY 54 RJ Barrett was invisible in that first half. He was excited, you could tell. … ATO’s were great. I think he did a really great job tonight. ” – 11:44 PM Jaylen Brown said the reason why he wanted to play tonight was because he wanted to be there for Ime Udoka’s debut. – 11:44 PM Jaylen Brown was asked if he wanted the ball every time while that hot: “I think that I would have liked to have it in my hands more. ” “When you get hot, we’ve gotta keep going to that guy. The Hawks had success by backing of Randle a little to invite him to take mid-rangers. – 8:34 PM Nate Jones @JonesOnTheNBA Know the Knicks aren’t a great offensive team, but the Celtics look way more locked in defensively than they did last year. Their defense was a mess last season. – 8:32 PM Passes getting a little bit sloppy here. Actually a nice spot for Udoka to bring Tatum in for Brown. Get the fresh star in the game. – 8:30 PM Romeo Langford was all alone inside, got the pass, and Mitchell Robinson recovered to get in front of him. And I’m not sure I’ve ever seen panic set in that quickly. ” On Tatum missing him once late: “It happens. I’ve missed my fair share of people. ” – 11:43 PM Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA Jaylen Brown said he’s excited for the Celtics: “I liked, no, LOVED our resiliency tonight. We have a lot to look forward to on Friday at home. I’m extremely excited for that. ” – 11:40 PM Jaylen Brown said his breathing felt irregular returning from COVID, but was okay: “I felt my heart beating in my chest. Adrenaline just took over for me. From the 1st OT to the second, I could hear my heart beat. 3 seconds to go. – 10:05 PM Dan Favale @danfavale available personnel has paved the way for it, but it’s still wild how the randle-obi frontcourt went from “will thibs ever play it? ” to logging crunch-time minutes in game 1 – 10:03 PM Josh Lewenberg @JLew1050 Not exactly the homecoming the Raptors had hoped for. – 10:41 PM Brian Mahoney @briancmahoney Jaylen Brown has played 45 minutes and scored 46 points in an NBA game a few days after having COVID-19. I was winded wrapping Christmas presents. – 10:35 PM Jayson Tatum was 6 for 27, including 2 for 14 from deep. But that spin move past RJ Barrett plus the foul gives the Celtics a 134-133 lead in double overtime. – 10:35 PM David Morrow @_DavidMorrow Jaylen Brown is EXHAUSTED. Just out of COVID protocol into double OT. NBA Basketball Games in New York: Tickets and Best Prices Where to buy tickets to watch the NBA in New York? Boston Celtics vs Brooklyn Nets at Madison Square Garden| ... Gotta slow him down somehow! – 8:42 PM Jayson Tatum struggling to a 1-for-7 start. Brown has half of Boston’s points, while Randle has 20 as the Knicks have tied it at 50. – 8:41 PM Well Julius Randle has 20 points with three minutes left in second quarter. He’s back in regular season form. (As opposed to playoffs, thank god. ) – 8:40 PM Just about to tweet the #Celtics need Jaylen Brown back wit the lead cut to 2. He checks back in presumably to close the half. – 8:40 PM Grant is getting too into Randle’s body on defense. Randle wants that to back Grant down into the bucket. – 8:29 PM 16-5 Celtics run, they lead 45-34. 22 for Jaylen Brown after 10 days of meditation. Romeo Langford now 11-17 from 3 including the pre-season. – 8:27 PM The most surprising thing about Jaylen Brown’s jacuzzi-hot start tonight? He’s playing shorter stints and yet he’s still killin’ the Knicks defense. It’s a reminder that it’s not about minutes played, it’s what you do with them. – 9:49 PM Celtics just ran last year’s offense where no one was moving and Smart took three above the break 3-pointers. The whole thing reverted back to bad habits galore. Good timeout by Udoka to get them back on track – 9:48 PM man, Robert Williams is a fantastic perimeter defender… BOS unafraid to switch and leave him out there – 9:47 PM Mike Vorkunov @MikeVorkunov Obi Toppin’s improvement over the last year is a testament to him but also the Knicks’ ability to develop guys in limited playing time while maximizing practice and drills. Toppin looks like a totally different player than in his first few months in the NBA. – 9:46 PM It’s probably too late now, because Boston needs stops to get back in this game, but there was a spot to play Kanter in the third quarter that was probably missed. Ice cold in New York: Takeaways from Celtics-Knicks Feb 28, 2023 — Yes, New York outshot Boston 34-14 in free throw attempts. And, yes Knicks Q1 Shot Chart vs Celtics That's basically a completely ... – 9:31 PM RJ Barrett didn’t score until 30 minutes into this game. He has 14 points in less than six minutes since. – 9:29 PM Loud “RJ Barrett” chants at MSG. He was scoreless for first 18 minutes of the game – has 14 in the last 6 minutes. Knicks up 86-80. – 9:29 PM Randle has done a fantastic job unlocking Barrett this quarter. Assisted him on two wide-open 3PT then Randle steal leads to RJ dunk – 9:29 PM James Plowright @British_Buzz I can only think I didn’t see the foul on the replay if surely JB challenges that? Or do they lose their only TO if they lose it so he didn’t want to risk it? – 9:29 PM The small lineup with Toppin and Randle in the frontcourt is a wrecking crew. They just run after every damn stop. New York Knicks - Boston Celtics 09.10.2023 - today livescore New York Knicks vs Boston Celtics ⋊ 09.10.2023 ⋊ Live stream ⋊ Predictions, results ⋊ Basketball livescore ⋆


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